The BOPP Carry Handle is a unique packaging solutions. Each carry handle has an easy-to-tear point mark that allows for fast release of the handle, so the user can separate each handle and then manually apply the handle to the pack. This saves significant time and money since there is no need for a dispenser or additional tools, or specialized work areas. This product is especially well suited for store that sell big packs and retails (toys, electronics, sanitary products & etc). The BOPP Carry Handles can be with printed or without printed.


*  More secure handling of the product, especially large or oversized bundles of packages.
*  Printed message area for additional advertising space
*  Cost-saving: packaging with carry handle is cheaper compared to alternative packaging.
*  Highly flexible in terms of packaging, messages and promotions.

Data in table represent average test result and are not to be used for specification purpose. The product user should make his/her own test to determine the product’s suitability for the inrended use.

REMARK: Besides the size stated as per above, we also can customize other size that you want.